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What to do when a tenant is not paying rent

Tenant Not Paying

Whether you have a tenant with a history of making a late payment or experiencing a past-due fee for the first time, it will require a lot of time and money to rectify the situation. However, if your tenant is not paying rent, follow the information here;

What to Do If the Tenant Fails to Pay Rent?

As a landlord or leasing agent, if the tenant has rent arrears, the first thing to do is solve the case with the tenant. Ensure you do this after checking the lease documents and payment records to ensure that the tenant is truly late in making payment. If both don’t agree or weeks elapse without the tenant making any payment, the landlord has to engage a specialist lawyer as soon as possible.

Initially, a prior agreement has to be filed addressing the tenant to resolve the conflict friendly. If reaching an agreement is futile, there is no option but to undergo a thorough judicial process.

Taking Legal Action Against A Tenant Who Is Not Paying

After trying all possible scenarios with no returns, consider getting an eviction lawyer immediately after the waiting period. Go to court and file a tenant-landlord complaint. However, the process will take months, and, in most cases, it’s illegal to evict a tenant until the entire court proceedings are over.

The specialist lawyer will assist the owner in filing two legal procedures. One will claim unpaid incomes, and the second procedure will seek to evict not paying tenant.

Complete all paperwork and make fee payments to acquire a hearing date. Finally, when the hearing day comes, ensure you prepare thoroughly ahead of time. Also, carry all the evidence and information you will give in court.

When the tenant makes a partial or late payment, it is advisable to inspect the unit as soon as possible to ensure your property is in good condition. But you should get permission to enter the house from the tenant.

When you obtain permission to access the unit, it’s advisable your document and take pictures of damages and wear and tear. After identifying these, repair the damages and ask the tenant to fix the ones he is responsible for. Arrange another inspection to ensure both parties have rectified the issues. Remember to keep all documents; you might require them in court.

What Should A Landlord Not Do If the Tenant Is Not Paying Rent?

Forcing the lock

Threatening the tenant

Cutting house utilities

In case the judicial process is ongoing, don’t receive money from the tenant.

Avoid going to the police to report a crime that is a breach of contract instead.

Remember, it’s never legal or acceptable to lock or move the tenant’s personal belongings before the eviction process is over. Equally illegal are humiliation and attempts to evict the tenant physically. All these are not only morally questionable but can cause an ex-tenant to turn around and sue you for harassment and unlawful eviction. Even though it might be frustrating, allow the court to carry out its legal mandate.

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Benefits of hiring rental property lawyers for complete peace of mind

As a landlord, you will need to make sure that your property is rented to the best tenants so that everything will be done in a hassle free manner. But if you want to get a steady stream of income from your rental property then you will need to make sure that you are doing this in an efficient manner. This is the reason why you need to hire experienced and reputable rental property lawyers who will help you get the maximum returns from your investment. Additionally, the lawyer will also assist you in the negotiation process with your prospective tenants. This is especially important for helping you get maximum amount of rent from your rental property so that the entire process will be carried on in a seamless manner.

Benefits of hiring rental property lawyers

  • The most important benefit of hiring the lawyer is that you will have legal professionals who will help you with all the later matters relating to your property.
  • Even if there are some kinds of disputes regarding the rent, the lawyer will help in resolving the dispute so that you will get complete peace of mind.
  • Using this lucrative form of investment as landlord will become more profitable with the assistance of a lawyer.
  • The services offered by the lawyer will be more cost effective so that you will not have to spend more money on hiring the lawyer.

As a landlord, you will need to manage a lot of rental properties and when you are facing any issues with any of your tenants; you should hire rental property lawyers for this task. Expert guidance from the lawyer is especially very important as it helps you to tackle all kind of situation in an efficient manner. When you are renting your property, you might be stressed with the entire procedure where you will also have to negotiate with the tenants for the right amount of rent. This is the reason why you need to hire experienced lawyer who will assist you in avoiding these unnecessary conflicts with the tenants. Since, these lawyers have been handling all kind of tasks relating to rental property; it will protect you from the hassles of negotiating with the tenants.

Calculation of rent

The right amount of rent should also be determined by the lawyer who will make sure that you can rent your property at the right price. The lawyer plays a crucial role in making sure that you will get the best amount of rent without facing any kind of issues. Even if the tenant sues you for any matter concerning your property, you can take help from the lawyer who will assist you get complete relief in this situation. Moreover, the lawyer will also prepare all the paperwork and documents on your behalf so that even if you don’t know about the legal procedures, you will get assistance from the lawyer. This is especially very important for assisting you to get maximum amount of rent from your rental property without any hassles.